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About Renewed Hope

Unique Opportunities

Why choose our services

Renewed Hope is a lovely home set back among majestic trees. With a full kitchen, living room, dining room, game room, family room, computer room, and two bathrooms there is plenty of space to enjoy the program. The barn and pasture sit directly behind the house. We even have riding trails that are completely enhanced by the beautiful scenery.

        Horseback riding and learning to care for horses and animals is a primary focus of our program.

There are several wonderful benefits to be experienced when working with animals. Simply working with a living breathing animal is unlike anything you may have seen at another day service. The horse bond can develop mutual trust, respect, affection, empathy, unconditional acceptance, confidence, responsibility, assertiveness, enhance communication skills, and develop self esteem. These abilities are useful throughout our whole lives.

Our obligation

We want you to learn skills you will use for the rest of your life. We want you to learn a trade like working with animals because of all the useful skills that animals can teach us. Part of the Day-Hab experience is assisting developmentally disabled individuals to be marketable in the area of animal care. Possibilities can include working at a stable, pet sitting, or working on a farm.

Daily activities include:

- Therapeutic horseback riding

- Meal preparations

- Cooking lessons

- Home care

- Gardening

- Arts and crafts (painting!)

- Music

- Safety

- Computer skills

- Animal care

- Field trips!

We offer services Monday-Friday from 8am-3pm.

This program helps consumers develop the highest level of personal and community independence.

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(419) 469-0049

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